Mouth-watering Memoir

My paternal grandmother, Lucena Ravelo Lacho used to say, "Candy, I'm happy. You know, I just live the simple life..." It's true, if we are happy with what we have, we see the beauty in its simplicity. I miss her so much... I love her so much more.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome Spring, we're still here...

Well, I guess a big, "I'm sorry" is at hand... I haven't had the chance to write between my school, kids, their school schedule and hubby's work schedule. It's been definitely hectic, but loads of fun.

We still love it here! I can't believe that we'd be somewhere we all love. It's as if we've been here longer than 9 months! Our apartment is still a mess, but we're getting things done that are more important to us like keeping up with UIL dates, Choir concerts, church commitments, Chess Club, good grades, TAKS testing, our FHE's and our "runaway" budget.

March brought snow, fierce winds, rain, more "like still in high school" romantic dates with Charlie, a short haircut for me and a long-awaited trip to the Dallas Texas LDS temple. It was a beautiful experience.

What's coming up in April?
Midterms for me, AP Exams for Lisa, new tools for Charlie, Chess Tournament for Jasmine and good health for Ian. Oh, yeah, a long awaited vacation back to Cali to see family for my mom's b-day. See you real soon for that one...
Lots of good news from friends all over: pregnancies, first kiss, new babies, 13th birthday, 70th birthday, mini-reunions, new house, going back to school and from me, one last semester this fall and I'm a college-graduate! Yes!!!

I love my life... It's simple, but full of substance. Too bad not many people can say both and feel rewarded.

Ok, more later...