Mouth-watering Memoir

My paternal grandmother, Lucena Ravelo Lacho used to say, "Candy, I'm happy. You know, I just live the simple life..." It's true, if we are happy with what we have, we see the beauty in its simplicity. I miss her so much... I love her so much more.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CoL: Day 4

I had a late Mother's Day Brunch today. I know, I know, excuses...
Let's see how I did today, shall we?

*** Honey wheat with sausage muffins
*** Water - 1 glass

*** Quiche - 2 small triangles
*** Grapes - 1 cup
*** Decaf Lemon Herb ice tea - 3 glasses

*** Centrum Complete
*** Water- 2 glasses

*** Rondnoir chocolate - 2 pieces
*** Water- 2 glasses

*** Hot & Sour soup - 1 medium bowl
*** Ice Water- 3 glasses

*** Got up at 6:15A
*** Baked breakfast fares for Brunch
*** Did a tablescape
*** Took pictures
*** Talked with friend - 3 hours
*** Washed and dried dishes
*** Booked flight for trip
*** Blogged

Man, I need to be more active!


Cadance said...

I never write down what i eat...maybe I should...sometimes I am trying to sneak around on my self...hehehe! If no one sees me eat that cookie it doesn't count right! LOL!

Chandy said...

Cadance, I tried it before and it kind of worked. So here I am, trying again...